The company ELEKTROTRADE Ltd. was founded in 2001 with headquarters in Zagreb. We specialize in service and maintenance of electric drives "ROTORK" as well as service and maintenance TAS system leaders in the industry M + F Technologies and VAE Controls. We are authorized technicians for Vapour Recovery Unit Aereon company. With continuous market research, the adoption of new knowledge and continuous training of employees we achieve our goal, which is the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

1. We love what we do

All our staff are aproaching each task with maximum attention and commitment regardless of the size of the project. Put us to the test and find out!

2. Satisfied Customers

Our long-term customers show us trust each up coming year based on their satisfaction with our service. 

3. Availability

Elektrotrade's staff is, because of the nature of the service we provide (0/24/365 operation), available 0-24h, including the holidays.

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